Research of Carlos H. Caicedo N.

Research Statement

I am mainly interested in control for autonomous vehicles and related problems, such as solutions for particular robotic tasks and for distributed task-allocation problems.

We are interested in studying how can we solve global problems in a network when the robots only have access to local pieces of information. By sharing information with its neighbors, each robot can learn more about the environment, and can adjust its behavior as the information it is gathering gets more complete.  When there is more than one task that has to be addressed by the network, the local information must suffice for each agent to take the best possible decision, so it would not compromise in the long-term either of the objectives of the system.

Note: As of 12/27/08 this section is outdated, so there is no description of some of the projects I am currently working on.  An updated version should be uploaded in the next couple of weeks.

Previous Research Results

Current Projects and Ongoing Research

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