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Motivation and challenge

Correct functioning of cyber-physical systems is of critical importance. This is more so in the case of safety critical systems such as in medical, automotive and many other applications. Since verification of correctness, in general, is infeasible and testing is not exhaustive, it is of critical importance to monitor such system during their operation and detect erroneous behaviors to be acted on.

This project proposes monitoring techniques, for checking the correctness of system behavior during it’s operation, and raising an alarm when the system seems to exhibit erroneous behavior, which can be acted on. Hybrid automata are employed to describe both system behavior whose behavior is probabilistic in it’s evolution due to uncertainties introduced by noise and other factors and the property to be monitored which is specified on system behavior. Monitoring such systems is a challenging problem as the monitor can not observe the system state, but can only observe the outputs generated by it.



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